If you want to study B.Com at the Best B.Com Degree College in Lucknow, Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the place to be. Some of the professions that can be pursued after completing B.Com are – Company Secretary (CS), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Work Accountancy (CWA), Insurance & Banking.

What is B.Com?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce is an undergraduate degree during which aspirants will learn about broad business principles while also studying fundamental commerce courses such as finance, economics, accounting, actuarial studies, business management, and so on.

Career Options After B.Com

If you get a B.Com degree from the Best B.Com Degree College in Lucknow, you will have a wide range of career options. Some of the career options available after completing B.Com are listed below:

Chartered Accountancy (CA): The first subject that comes to mind as a career option for a commerce student is CA. After B.Com, CA is one of the greatest professional possibilities. Unlike an MBA, students can begin CA immediately after graduating from high school. 

Company Secretary (CS): If you’re unsure what to do after your B.com, Company Secretary (CS) is one of the many important job roles in any firm. A CS is in charge of monitoring all legal elements of a company or organisation. They are responsible for a company’s tax returns, tax records, giving actionable advice to the board of directors, and ensuring that all legal and statutory laws are followed.

Master of Commerce (M.Com): The Master’s Degree in Commerce is a postgraduate degree that takes two years to complete. It can be obtained through any government-approved institution or college in India.

Apart from commerce, this speciality includes accounting, business management, economics, banking and finance, finance and control, and taxation, to name a few.
This course is ideal for anyone interested in working in BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) or taxation and accounting.

Marketing Manager: A B.Com degree opens up the possibility of becoming a manager. It prepares you for positions such as Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Product Manager, Event Organizer, and Public Relations Officer.

Cost and Work Accountancy (CWA): The function of a cost and work accountant is to collect, examine, and analyse all financial data from all perspectives before interpreting the results for management. These days, the CWA is seen as a significant component of business strategy and planning.

Insurance and Banking services: The banking industry is one of the most powerful industries in the country’s economy. This job profile requires a B.Com.


Advantages of B.Com Degree

There are numerous benefits of obtaining a B.Com Degree from the Best B.Com College in Lucknow. Some of the benefits of a B.Com Degree are mentioned below:

A Wide Range of Career Options

For B.Com students, there are numerous courses offered, including M.Com, MBA, CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), MCA, and a variety of certificate programmes.

Following completion of a bachelor’s degree in commerce, students can pursue postgraduate studies in M.Com (Masters of Commerce) or MBA (Masters of Business Administration), both of which are postgraduate programmes that focus on courses relating to commerce, accounting, economics, and management.

Vast Job Profile

After completing the course, B.Com graduates can choose from a variety of job profiles based on their qualifications and areas of interest, including Accountant, Sales Analyst, Auditor, Stock Broker, Business Analyst, Consultant, Tax Accountant, Company Secretary, Finance Officer, Economist, and so on.

Vast Job Areas

Students with a B.Com degree have a variety of options for developing their hidden talents. Educational Institutes, Public Accounting Firms, Foreign Trade, Business Consultancies, Industrial Houses, Policy Planning, Banks, Working Capital Management, Budget Planning, Merchant Banking, Investment Banking, Inventory Control, Marketing, Treasury and Forex Department, and many other fields are available for commerce graduates to explore.