Want to get the Best Distance Education in Lucknow? Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is one of the Best Colleges for Professional Degrees in Lucknow. It is the Topmost college of Lucknow which provides professional degrees to its people. Now the students who cannot be physically present all the time to pursue the course or professional degree then Shri Krishna Dutt Academy provides the Best Distance Education in Lucknow. It ensures to provide its students the quality education so that they can do well in the future. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is well known for providing distance education to students in Lucknow.

What is Distance Education?

No Distance Education means that the student does not have to be present physically but can do classes through online mediums and one just have to be physically present for the exams. As we all are facing Covid 19 pandemic for the past two years or more than two years distance education has been really useful to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the students. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, all the schools, colleges universities, and other teaching institutions were closed so as to avoid the spread of this dangerous disease distance education at this point was really helpful to teach the students. Many schools in fact all the schools, colleges, and universities moved their physical teachings of classrooms to online classrooms are online teaching through various apps like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google classroom, Google meet, Microsoft’s teams et cetera. The only requirement of this distance teaching is a good internet connection.

Benefits of Distance Education

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy provides the Best Distance Education in Lucknow. Distance learning, first of all, saves time that is the student does not have to travel to the college and sit over there but can simply stay at his or her place and study through online medium.

If the instructor or the teacher is really knowledgeable then he or she will be able to impart knowledge to his students in a much better way as compared to physical classes.

Courses Offered By Us

If you are looking for Best Distance Education in Lucknow, then Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the right option. Courses offered by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

  • Teacher training courses
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Postgraduate diploma courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Certified courses

Teacher training courses include:

B.Ed: It is a two-year professional program for one who wants to choose teaching as their profession.

Undergraduate courses include:

BA: Bachelor’s of arts is a three-year program.

BCA: Bachelor’s of computer application is a three-year program for those who are inclined towards the computer.

BLIS: Bachelor’s of library and information science which is a one-year degree program.

B.Ed.: It is a two-year professional program for one who wants to choose teaching as their profession.

Postgraduate courses include:

MA: Masters of arts is a master’s course of two years.

MSC: Master’s in Science is a two-year postgraduate program.

M.COM: M.Com is a master’s in commerce which is two years program.

MSc-Cs: MSc-Cs is a MSc in computer science which is again of two years.

Postgraduate diploma courses:

PGDVGCC: Postgraduate diploma in vocational guidance and career counseling. It is a two-year course for people wanting to work in the professional field.

PGDEA: Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration

PGDCA: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. It is a one-year professional course.

PGDYO: Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga. It is a one-year course for those who are interested in yoga and wants to make a career out of it.

PGDGST: Post Graduate Diploma in Goods and Services Tax. It is a one-year course for goods and services tax.

Diploma courses include:

DHEN: Diploma in Health Education & Nutrition

Certificate courses include:

CCY: Certificate Course in Yoga.

CASC: This certificate course provides cores skills to those who require to conduct psychiatric interviews.

CGST: Certificate course in GST.

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy always makes sure to provide quality education to its students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Distance Education?

Distance education or distance learning is the practice of imparting education to the students who are distantly placed or not physically present in the classes with the help of modern technology and good communication facilities. Distance education or learning is really helpful during this pandemic time as we all know that Covid 19 spreads with the contact of people in general so distance education this way helps to prevent the spread of the disease and hence keeping us safe.

What courses does Shri Krishna Dutt Academy provide?

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy provides teaching training courses like B.Ed, undergraduate courses like BA, BCA, BLIS, B.Ed., postgraduate courses like MA, MSc, M.Com, MSC-CS, postgraduate diploma courses like PGDVGCC, PGDEA, PGDCA, PGDYO, PGDGST, diploma courses like DHEN and certified courses which includes CCY, CASC, CGST.

Is Shri Krishna Dutt Academy Lucknow University affiliated?

Yes, Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is Lucknow University-affiliated that is the degree provided to the students will be directly off and from the Lucknow University (LU) itself.

Are distance degrees valid?

Yes, all the degrees are provided by renowned councils or boards may be distant or not valid. The distance degrees are valid.

Can the students pursue BTech/technical degrees from distance education?

No academy, university, or institution is allowed to provide its students or rather offer its students the technical degree program except MBA and MCA through distance mode. The courses like BE/BTech and not allowed through distance mode.
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