Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Top B.Ed College in Lucknow. People who are interested in teaching in primary or secondary schools should opt for the B.Ed program. Anyone who is searching for the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow then he or she should definitely go for SKD Academy or Shri Krishna Dutt Academy. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy has added another wing to its organization by establishing SKD Academy inter-college in 1997. It now has its five branches that are UP board, ISC board, junior high school branch, CBSE board. The college or the academy makes sure that its students study well and perform well so that they can have a bright and shining future.

What is B.Ed?

A B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is an undergraduate professional degree that prepares pupils who wish to work as teachers in primary or secondary schools and other related disciplines. It is a two-year program with four semesters in total. The B.Ed degree is necessary if one wants to teach in schools. The syllabus of B.Ed is designed in such a way that it meets the psychological treatment of the students and also focuses on various educational methods of teaching. The specialization stream or course one wants to take in B.Ed depends on what he or she wants to teach in a school in the future. Four students who pursue humanities as a stream then they will have to study subjects like history, political science, geography, languages et cetera. The students who decide to choose science as their stream then they will have to study mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and biology. B.Ed. is basically the entrance to the teaching profession.

Various objects in the curriculum are:

  • Education, culture and human values
  • Educational evaluation and assessment
  • Educational psychology
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Holistic education
  • Philosophy of education

Why Choose B.Ed. Course?

B.Ed develops once communication skills and widens mental state so that they can impart quality education to the students. Also, those who want to apply for government jobs must have completed their degree in B.Ed.

Advantages of pursuing B.Ed as a career are: 

  • Job satisfaction
  • Job security
  • Respect
  • Good earnings

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy believes in providing quality education to its students and inculcating in there are students a positive approach towards life with all the honesty and hard work.

Opportunities After B.Ed

Job opportunities after B.Ed are:

  • Teacher: One who wants to teach in schools according to their interest in particular subjects.
  • Content writer: You can also work as content writer in many companies after completing this course.
  • Educational Counselor: After pursuing B.Ed. one can even assist students or advise them when they face difficulties.
  • Researcher: After pursuing B.Ed a person can even research on various fields and write thesis on it.

The B.Ed fee structure provided by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is:

1st year- Rs. 51250

2nd year- Rs. 30000

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow for anyone who wants to pursue B.Ed. It provides a really nice infrastructure, quality education, and professional teachers.

The library has a total of 8236 books in total.

A total number of books for B.Ed. and BTC is 4798.

The Shri Krishna Dutt Academy which is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow is directly affiliated with Lucknow University (LU). The course is designed in such a manner that it opens and widens the mind of the student and helps them do good in the future.

B.Ed. Course Eligibility

For anyone to pursue in B.Ed. curriculum, he/she should have a minimum of 50% in graduation from any stream. Some universities or colleges conduct their own internal examination for admissions in B.Ed.

B.Ed. entrance exam mainly focuses on the following things:

  • English
  • General knowledge
  • Aptitude
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Teaching potential
  • Local language

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teaching Practice mandatory for B.Ed.?

Yes, Teaching Practice is mandatory for B.Ed.

What is the duration of the above practice?

The duration for the above practice is 4 months respectively for B.Ed.

Can a B.Tech degree holder pursue B.Ed.?

Yes, a B.Tech degree holder can pursue B.Ed.

Can a final year student apply for the entrance exam of B.Ed.?

Yes, a final year student of any stream can appear or give B.Ed. entrance exam if he/she wishes to choose teaching as their career option.

If you want to reach Shri Krishna Dutt Academy for any query or problem you can simply contact them by emailing them at [email protected] or call them on +917754805222 or 7080111596.