Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Fine Arts Students

Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Fine Arts Students

What is Fine Art?

Fine arts is a dynamic and diverse field that encompasses various forms of visual and performing arts. It serves as a platform for artists to explore and express their ideas, emotions, and perspectives through creative mediums. From traditional practices such as painting, drawing, and sculpture to contemporary forms like digital art, installation art, and performance art, Fine Arts offers a rich tapestry of possibilities for artistic expression. At its core, fine arts education emphasizes not only technical proficiency but also critical thinking, conceptual development, and experimentation with different artistic approaches.

Scope For Arts Students

The scope for art students, particularly those pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree course, is incredibly broad and dynamic. Here are some key avenues and career paths that BFA graduates can explore:

Visual Artist: BFA graduates often pursue careers as professional visual artists, specializing in mediums such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, or photography. They have the opportunity to exhibit their work in galleries, museums, art festivals, and other cultural venues, showcasing their unique artistic vision to a wider audience.

Graphic Designer: With a solid foundation in visual communication and design principles, BFA graduates can embark on careers as graphic designers. They can work in various industries, including advertising, publishing, branding, and digital media, creating visual concepts, layouts, and designs that communicate messages effectively to target audiences.

Animator/Storyboard Artist: The animation industry offers exciting opportunities for BFA graduates interested in storytelling and visual narrative. They can work as animators, creating captivating animations for films, television shows, video games, and web content. Additionally, they can pursue roles as storyboard artists, conceptualizing and visualizing the sequences and scenes of a project before they are brought to life through animation.

Art Educator: Many BFA graduates are drawn to the field of art education, where they can share their passion for the arts with others. They can work as art teachers in schools, colleges, or community centers, inspiring and guiding students of all ages to explore their creativity, develop their artistic skills, and appreciate the power of visual expression.

Art Therapist: With additional training in psychology or counseling, BFA graduates can pursue careers as art therapists. They utilize art-making as a therapeutic tool to help individuals address emotional challenges, express themselves, and gain insight into their thoughts and feelings. Art therapy can be particularly beneficial in settings such as hospitals, mental health clinics, rehabilitation centers, and schools.

Best College For BFA in India

When it comes to pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in India, Sri Krishna Dutt Academy stands out as a premier degree college. Situated in a vibrant cultural hub, the academy offers a conducive environment for students to explore their artistic interests, hone their skills, and realize their creative potential. Here’s why Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is regarded as one of the best colleges for BFA in India:

Comprehensive Curriculum: The academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience in various artistic disciplines. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of mediums, techniques, and artistic styles under the guidance of experienced faculty members who are accomplished artists themselves.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped studios, workshops, exhibition spaces, and digital labs. These facilities provide students with the necessary resources and infrastructure to experiment, create, and innovate across different artistic mediums.

Exposure and Opportunities: The academy actively fosters collaborations, exhibitions, and industry partnerships to expose students to the broader art community and real-world opportunities. Students have the chance to participate in art exhibitions, residencies, workshops, and internships, allowing them to showcase their work, network with professionals, and gain valuable practical experience.

Expert Faculty: The faculty members at Sri Krishna Dutt Academy are not only highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields but also deeply committed to nurturing the artistic growth and development of each student. They provide personalized guidance, mentorship, and feedback, fostering a supportive learning environment conducive to artistic exploration and excellence.

Cultural Immersion: Located in a city known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions, Sri Krishna Dutt Academy offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant artistic ecosystem. From attending art exhibitions and cultural events to exploring historical landmarks and contemporary art galleries, students are exposed to diverse influences and experiences that enrich their artistic practice.

Final Words

If you’re passionate about the arts and eager to embark on a journey of creative exploration and self-discovery, consider pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts course. Take the first step towards realizing your creative dreams by choosing a reputable institution like Sri Krishna Dutt Academy, where you can receive quality education, mentorship, and support to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of fine arts. Embrace your creativity, unleash your imagination, and embark on a fulfilling artistic discovery and achievement journey.


Top 5 Benefits of Distance Learning Courses

Top 5 Benefits of Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses have become increasingly popular in today’s digital age, offering a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional classroom-based education. From working professionals seeking to upskill to individuals balancing familial responsibilities, distance learning provides a wealth of benefits that cater to diverse learner needs. In this article, we’ll delve into the top five advantages of distance learning courses, highlighting why they are a preferred choice for many individuals looking to further their education and career prospects.

1. Flexibility and Convenience

One of the primary benefits of distance learning courses is the flexibility and convenience they offer. Unlike traditional on-campus programs, distance education allows students to study from anywhere at any time, making it ideal for those with busy schedules or other commitments. Whether you’re a full-time professional, a stay-at-home parent, or someone with limited mobility, distance learning enables you to access course materials, lectures, and assignments remotely, eliminating the need to adhere to rigid class schedules, or commute to a physical campus.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Another significant advantage of distance learning education is its cost-effectiveness. Distance learning courses often come at a lower price point compared to their on-campus counterparts, primarily due to reduced overhead costs associated with facilities and infrastructure. Additionally, distance learners can save money on commuting, accommodation, and related expenses, making education more accessible and affordable, particularly for individuals on a tight budget or those looking to minimize student debt.

3. Diverse Range of Programs

Distance learning institutions offer a diverse array of programs spanning various disciplines, catering to the unique interests and career aspirations of learners. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC), or Bachelor of Technology (BTC), there’s a distance learning course available to suit your academic goals and professional aspirations. This extensive selection ensures that individuals from all backgrounds and fields of interest can find a program that aligns with their needs.

4. Enhanced Accessibility

Distance learning courses break down geographical barriers, making education accessible to individuals who may reside in remote areas or lack access to traditional educational institutions. With just an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, students can enroll in distance learning programs from reputable institutions worldwide, regardless of their location. This enhanced accessibility not only expands educational opportunities for underserved populations but also fosters diversity and inclusivity within the global learning community.

5. Personalized Learning Experience

Distance learning empowers students to take control of their learning journey and personalize their educational experience according to their preferences and learning style. Through interactive online platforms, multimedia resources, and virtual classrooms, learners can engage with course materials in a way that suits them best, whether it’s through video lectures, interactive quizzes, or collaborative discussions. Additionally, distance learning platforms often incorporate adaptive learning technologies and personalized feedback mechanisms, allowing instructors to tailor their teaching methods to address individual learning needs and preferences.

Top Distance Learning Education Programs

In the realm of distance learning education, various programs offer learners the opportunity to pursue their academic and career goals remotely. From Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) to D.El.Ed, these distance learning courses provide flexibility, accessibility, and diverse learning opportunities. Let’s delve into the top distance learning education programs, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Distance Education

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) distance education programs cater to individuals aspiring to become educators or enhance their teaching qualifications. These programs offer a comprehensive curriculum covering pedagogical theories, classroom management strategies, and subject-specific teaching methods. Through distance learning platforms, aspiring teachers can acquire essential skills and knowledge while balancing their existing commitments.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Distance Education

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) distance education programs encompass a wide range of disciplines, including mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science, among others. These programs provide learners with a solid foundation in scientific principles, critical thinking skills, and practical laboratory experience. Distance learning platforms offer interactive virtual labs, multimedia resources, and online tutorials to facilitate hands-on learning in a flexible and accessible format.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Distance Education

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) distance education programs focus on developing students’ understanding of business concepts, accounting principles, financial management, and marketing strategies. These programs equip learners with the knowledge and skills required to pursue careers in various fields such as finance, banking, commerce, and entrepreneurship. Distance learning platforms provide access to comprehensive study materials, case studies, and virtual simulations to enhance students’ understanding of real-world business scenarios.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Distance Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) distance education programs are designed for individuals passionate about pursuing careers in the creative arts, including visual arts, performing arts, graphic design, and multimedia production. These programs foster creativity, artistic expression, and technical proficiency through hands-on projects, studio-based learning, and theoretical coursework. Distance learning platforms offer multimedia resources, virtual galleries, and online critiques to facilitate artistic development and collaboration among students.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) Distance Education

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) distance education programs prepare students for dynamic careers in media, journalism, advertising, and public relations. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including news reporting, media ethics, digital media production, and strategic communication. Distance learning platforms provide access to multimedia resources, virtual newsrooms, and interactive simulations to hone students’ writing, reporting, and storytelling skills in a digital age.

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) Distance Education

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) distance education programs focus on preparing educators for teaching at the primary and elementary school levels. These programs cover topics such as child development, pedagogical methods, educational psychology, and classroom management techniques. Through distance learning platforms, aspiring teachers can gain practical experience through teaching practicums, observation sessions, and interactive online modules tailored to the unique needs of elementary education.

Distance learning courses offer a myriad of benefits that cater to the evolving needs and lifestyles of modern learners. From flexibility and cost-effectiveness to a diverse range of programs and enhanced accessibility, distance education continues to revolutionize the way we approach higher learning. 

Experience the freedom of learning without boundaries with Sri Krishna Dutt Academy’s, a renowned degree college in Lucknow.  Enroll today and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and success with Sri Krishna Dutt Academy’s distance learning education. 

What makes us the Best B.Com College in Lucknow?

What makes us the Best B.Com College in Lucknow?

Are you searching for the Best B.Com College in Lucknow? Then you should be aware that SKD Academy or Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is the best place to pursue B.Com in Lucknow. It is the most renowned college in Lucknow and focuses a lot on building personality with a career. The academy focuses on soft skills development with other skills so that students can easily grasp professional life. The academy has a really good infrastructure. Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.Com College in Lucknow which provides a lot of facilities to students. Those are as follows:

Classrooms: The academy provides good and nice classrooms so that students can study with concentration and focus.

Wi-Fi campus: The academy provides Wi-Fi on the entire campus so that students face no problem in gaining knowledge from the internet. This facility is provided to both students and faculties so that each one of them gets easy access to the information available on the internet.

Auditoriums: The academy has seminar halls and excellent centrally air-conditioned halls, which are technically well equipped with all the excellent lights and sounds.

Medical facility: The college or the academy has a good medical facility with doctors on-call who attend to the patients quickly in emergencies.

Security and safety: The college is really concerned about the security and safety of the students so they provide the facility of CCTV cameras installed at every important place.

Water coolers: The college provides the facility of water coolers on every floor so that everyone gets cool and freshwater.

Library: Sri Krishna Dutt Academy even has a huge collection of books, encyclopedias, CDs, and other resources necessary for study.

Labs: The college provides fully air-conditioned labs and computer centers so that students can work in them easily.


B.Com stands for bachelor of commerce which is an undergraduate course focusing on areas like commerce, economics, business law, accounting, taxation, and finance. It is a three-year course which has a lot of job opportunities in both government and private sectors. This program will prepare the students for any career in general management, banking, financial management, and accounting systems. The eligibility criteria for this course are 10+2 with commerce or with economics or mathematics and a minimum of 50% marks. The future scope of this course is:

  • Chartered accountant
  • Certified management accountant
  • Business accounting and taxation

Courses Offered By Us

The other courses offered by Sri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

  • BFA
  • B.Sc
  • B.Com
  • B.Ed
  • Bachelor of fine arts
  • Bachelor of journalism and mass communication
  • D.E.Ed
  • Distance learning
  • U.P.R.T.O.U
Why pursue B.SC from the Best B.SC College in Lucknow?

Why pursue B.SC from the Best B.SC College in Lucknow?

If you want to pursue B.SC in Lucknow then you should join Sri Krishna Dutt Academy which is the Best B.SC College in Lucknow. Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best Degree College in Lucknow which offers courses like B.SC, B.Com, B.Ed, B.T.C, etc. We even provide seminars and workshops so that our students do not face any problems in their corporate life. The communication is throughout in English and we believe in educating our students for the future. We also focus on communication and soft skill development so that students can easily adjust to their corporate life.

Now what is BSC:

B.SC stands for Bachelor of Science which is an undergraduate program focusing on science disciplines. It is a three-year program that helps students who are interested in science and want to pursue their careers in science. B.SC graduates can find work in many fields like industries which include educational institutions, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Other industries like the chemical industry, research organizations, testing laboratories, wastewater facilities, and the oil industry or even the fields where a B.SC student can make his or her career.

The courses offered by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy are – B.SC,, B.Ed, Bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of journalism and mass communication, D.EL.ED., distance learning, U.P.R.T.O.U.

Our team is working very hard day by day and is showing good results. The quality of education provided by the academy to its students can be easily judged by 100% results achieved by our students every year in high school and intermediate school of UP, ISC, and CBSC board examinations.

The college has always been conscious of its reputation and being a responsible party in society. A lot of importance is given to building the personality of students with the help of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The teacher-student relationship remains cordial. The college also helps students with career counseling, personal counseling, and professional counseling.

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.SC College in Lucknow and If one really wants to be in Lucknow and study over here then Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the best option available. It is one of the top degree colleges in Lucknow which has grown up with its five branches – UP board, ISC board, junior high school branch, CBSE board, and Vrindavan branch within a span of 24 years. Also, fortunately from the year 2020, they have chosen to be a study center for Uttar Pradesh Rajshree Tandon open University with all the diploma and certificate courses in various streams.

Eligibility Criteria

If one wants to pursue B.SC then here are the eligibility criteria:

-The candidate should clear class 12th in the science stream with a minimum percentage of 50 to 60. It should be from a recognized board.

– Candidate must have studied physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

-There is no age limit for pursuing a BSC until and unless the university specifies it.

Courses Offered By Shri Krishna Dutt Academy

Courses Offered By Shri Krishna Dutt Academy

SKD Group of Education or Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best Private Degree College in Lucknow. We believe in imparting quality education and inculcating in our students an affirmative approach toward life with honesty and hard work. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best Private Degree College in Lucknow and offers courses like B.SC, B.Com, B.Ed, BTC, etc. We also provide special workshops and seminars which are an integral part of the curriculum. We even believe in providing students with personality development and soft skills so that they can improve their English communication and enhance their personalities so that they can do well in the future.

These workshops and seminars play an important role in building a student’s personality. Soft skills and English-speaking skills are really necessary in today’s world and we focus on the same so that our students face no difficulty in their professional lives.

Courses Offered By Us

The courses offered by the Private Degree College in Lucknow, Shri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is considered the Best B.Sc College in Lucknow. The Bachelor of Science is a science-centric four-year undergraduate course. The course is for students who are interested in science and want to pursue a career in science or science-related subjects. B.Sc graduates can work in various sectors depending on the stream they choose. The fields open to these students are educational institutions, healthcare, the chemical industry, research organizations, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, the oil industry, testing laboratories et cetera.

Bachelor in Commerce is a four-year undergraduate program, and if you want to pursue it from Lucknow itself, then SKD Academy is the best place for you. In the entire course, students will learn about general business principles while also studying core commerce subjects like finance, economics, accounting, and business management.

B.Ed is a two-year program after graduation that prepares you to work as a teacher in schools. If one wants to pursue teaching as a profession at the school level, then this degree is mandatory. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow. After pursuing this degree, students who want to teach in elementary and secondary schools are eligible for it.

Now, Distance Education in today’s world is a really important aspect of education. As we all know, in a COVID situation, one has to sit at his or her place to be safe and gain knowledge and education. The courses offered by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

  • Teacher training courses
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Postgraduate diploma courses


The facilities offered by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

  • Big, spacious classrooms are provided to students in a neat and clean environment.
  • Wi-Fi campus is given to the students and direct broadband access is given so that no compromise is made while studying.
  • Auditoriums are centralized air-conditioned and big, with good and excellent light and sound quality.
  • The medical facility is even provided on the college campus.
  • Security and safety are considered with the help of CCTV cameras.
  • Water coolers are installed on the college campus.

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the best private degree college in Lucknow and offers various courses that help students achieve a great and bright future in life.

What makes us the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow?

What makes us the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow?

If you are searching for the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow then Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the place to be. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow. We even offer courses like B.SC, B.Com, BTC, etc. We provide special services such as seminars and workshops which are a very crucial part of the entire course curriculum. We even focus on students’ Communication and Soft Skills Development which allows students to communicate and interact in English which helps in enhancing their personalities in accordance with the corporate world. B.Ed is a two-year program that helps students to do excellent in their future. Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is the best opportunity for students who want to study in Lucknow. This degree is mandatory for all those students who want to teach in elementary and secondary schools. It prepares you to work as a teacher in schools. It is necessary to have a B.Ed Course in order to enter into the teaching profession at the school level.

Within the time duration of 24 years, the Shri Krishna Dutt Academy has grown up with five other branches-UP board, ISC board, junior high school branch, CBSE board in Vikrant Khand-3 Gomti Nagar and Vrindavan branch which made a big impact on the society by providing quality education to thousands of students desiring to be highly qualified. The college always aimed in providing quality education to its students with honesty and hard work so that the students reach higher positions in their life. It is a full-time degree course that is important for candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and other teaching-related fields. Students pursuing this course are given both professional training in art and science subjects from the teaching point of view.


The eligibility criteria for this course are:

Candidates with both graduation and post-graduation degrees in an appropriate field are eligible for the B.Ed program offered by various reputed universities. The graduates must have scored 50% to 55% in their qualifying degree and the postgraduates should have at least 55% in their qualifying degree exam. The salary package of the student pursuing this course may vary from school to school and whether it is a government or a private institution. The starting salary of a teacher lies somewhere between 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs annually whereas a high school teacher with years of experience can earn up to 10 lakhs annually. Candidates who wish to get into research can even pursue an M.Ed, M.Phil, and PhD which will help them fetch jobs with high salary packages.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Degree College in Lucknow

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Degree College in Lucknow

If you are searching for the best degree college in Lucknow, then you are on the right platform. SKD Academy is the best degree college in Lucknow. If you are about to go to college, then choosing the best degree is the most important and difficult task. If you want the best degree college in Lucknow, then we are here to guide you through the factors you must consider before choosing a degree college in Lucknow.

The reality of most of the students choosing a college degree is based on an emotional factor or some limited set of criteria, which is most of the time a gut feeling. Before choosing or finalizing any degree at a college, you should consider a wide range of factors like location, size, academy quality, campus safety, the streams you want to pursue, teaching staff, ranking, placement, and extracurricular activities.

SKD Academy, or Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the best degree college in Lucknow and offers courses like B.Sc,, B.Ed,  and B.T.C. We focus on educating students for a better future.

The facilities provided by the SKD Academy are student classrooms, Wi-Fi campus, auditoriums, and medical rooms, we provide the best safety and security, we have water coolers on our campus, libraries are also there with all the needed books for the students, and air-conditioned computer labs are even present for our students to grow in a in a practical way also.

Now, let us discuss some factors that one should consider before choosing any college or any degree college.

Ask Yourself Why Are You Going to College:

The first and foremost question that arises before choosing any Degree College is asking yourself why you are going to the college. Most of the time, the answer is rare: one does not know why he or she wants to go to the college or is visiting the college. Most high school students do not know what they want to do in life once they grow up.

A high school student may not know what he or she wants to become in life, but he or she surely knows the area of interest. One surely knows what he or she is good at. If he or she thinks about his interest, then he or she will surely know his or her interest in the technical or liberal arts field. Analyzing yourself will help you a lot in selecting the best degree college in Lucknow.

This means that whether you want to go to a small college or a large college, or do you want to stay away from your home or closer to your home, can it be expensive or affordable? Asking these questions to yourself will solve a lot of the problems. You should know your priorities first and then select accordingly.


Before you invest any time in investigating a college, you should make sure that the college is licensed. It means that an officially licensed organization has verified the college and reviewed its syllabus to meet its basic academic standard for higher education. Most of the degree colleges will readily provide their information on the website.

If you cannot find it on the website, then you can simply call or email the department. A college or university can be nationally or regionally licensed. When a college is licensed, the degree you hold after completing your graduation will have a lot more value.

Type of College You Want to Choose:

The real question is: What type of degree do you want? Do you need to see where your interests and abilities lie? Do you have an interest in the literature side or the technical side, such as math, science, or engineering? A small college will not be able to offer much to a student who wants to be an engineer.

The Geographical Location of the College:

Another factor that one should consider before choosing any college degree is whether one would like to stay close to home or not. Do they want to live in a big city or somewhere else? Do they want to experience the fun part of college, or do they just want to stay away from distractions? The most important point here is whether you can afford to go out of state, especially to a big, expensive city. So, the geographic location of the college is also a major factor in the selection of the degree.

The Teaching Staff:

Now, after keeping in mind the above-stated factors, one needs to make sure that the faculty is highly educated and qualified at the same time. A college professor or a teacher can be more than a professor if he or she is highly educated and has a good grasp of his or her subject. He or she can make things easy for students to understand.

You can contact us through Email: [email protected]; Call: +91 7754852224

Best Distance Education in Lucknow – Sri Krishna Dutt Academy

Best Distance Education in Lucknow – Sri Krishna Dutt Academy

Want to get the best distance education in Lucknow? Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is one of the best colleges for professional degrees in Lucknow. It is the Topmost college of Lucknow which provides professional degrees to its people. For students who cannot be physically present all the time to pursue a course or professional degree, Sri Krishna Dutt Academy provides the best distance education in Lucknow.

It ensures to provide its students with a quality education so that they can do well in the future. Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is well known for providing distance education to students in Lucknow.

What is Distance Education?

No Distance Education means that the student does not have to be physically present but can do classes through online mediums and just have to be physically present for the exams. As we have all been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for the past two years or more, distance education has been really useful in preventing the spread of COVID-19 among students. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the schools, colleges, universities, and other teaching institutions were closed to avoid the spread of this dangerous disease.

Distance education at this point helped teach the students. All the schools, colleges, and universities moved their physical classrooms to online classrooms and are now teaching through various apps like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, et cetera. The only requirement of this distance teaching is a good internet connection.

Benefits of Distance Education

Sri Krishna Dutt Academy provides the best distance education in Lucknow. Distance learning, first of all, saves time; the student does not have to travel to the college and sit over there but can simply stay at his or her place and study through an online medium.

If the instructor or teacher is knowledgeable, then he or she will be able to impart knowledge to his students in a much better way as compared to physical classes.

Courses Offered By Us

If you are looking for the best distance education in Lucknow, then Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is the right option. Courses offered by Sri Krishna Dutt Academy are:

  • Teacher training courses
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Postgraduate diploma courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Certified courses

Teacher training courses include:

B.Ed: It is a two-year professional program for someone who wants to choose teaching as their profession.

Undergraduate courses include:

BA: Bachelor’s of Arts is a three-year program.

BCA: Bachelor’s of Computer Application is a three-year program for those who are inclined towards the computer.

BLIS: Bachelor’s of Library and Information Science, which is a one-year degree program.

B.Ed: It is a two-year professional program for someone who wants to choose teaching as their profession.

Postgraduate courses include:

MA: A master’s two years.

MSC: Master’s in Science is a two-year postgraduate program.

M.COM: M.Com is a master’s in commerce, which is a two-year program.

MSc-Cs: MSc-Cs is an MSc in computer science, which is again two years.

Postgraduate diploma courses:

PGDVGCC: Postgraduate diploma in vocational guidance and career counseling. It is a two-year course for people wanting to work in the professional field.

PGDEA: Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration

PGDCA: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. It is a one-year professional course.

PGDYO: Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga. It is a one-year course for those who are interested in yoga and want to make a career out of it.

PGDGST: Post Graduate Diploma in Goods and Services Tax. It is a one-year course for goods and services tax.

Diploma courses include:

DHEN: Diploma in Health Education & Nutrition

Certificate courses include:

CCY: Certificate Course in Yoga.

CASC: This certificate course provides core skills to those who are required to conduct psychiatric interviews.

CGST: Certificate course in GST.

Sri Krishna Dutt Academy always makes sure to provide quality education to its students.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is distance education?

Distance education, or distance learning, is the practice of imparting education to students who are distantly placed or not physically present in the classes with the help of modern technology and good communication facilities. Distance education or learning is really helpful during this pandemic time, as we all know that COVID-19 spreads with the contact of people in general, so distance education this way helps to prevent the spread of the disease and hence keep us safe.

What courses does Sri Krishna Dutt Academy provide?

Sri Krishna Dutt Academy provides teaching training courses like B.Ed, undergraduate courses like BA, BCA, BLIS, B.Ed., postgraduate courses like MA, MSc, M.Com, MSC-CS, postgraduate diploma courses like PGDVGCC, PGDEA, PGDCA, PGDYO, PGDGST, diploma courses like DHEN, and certified courses, which include CCY, CASC, and CGST.

Is Sri Krishna Dutt Academy Lucknow University affiliated?

Yes, Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is Lucknow University-affiliated, which is the degree provided to the students will be directly from Lucknow University (LU) itself.

Are distance degrees valid?

Yes, all the degrees provided by renowned councils or boards may be distant or not valid. The distance degrees are valid.

Can the students pursue BTech/technical degrees through distance education?

No academy, university, or institution is allowed to provide its students, or rather offer its students, the technical degree programs except MBA and MCA through distance mode. Courses like BE/BTech are not allowed through distance mode.

Sri Krishna Dutt Academy is situated in Vrindavan Yojna, Lucknow For any queries, you can contact the academy by emailing us at [email protected] or by phone at +91 7754852224.

What makes us the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow?

Career Opportunities & Scope After B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Top B.Ed College in Lucknow. People who are interested in teaching in primary or secondary schools should opt for the B.Ed program. Anyone who is searching for the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow then he or she should definitely go for SKD Academy or Shri Krishna Dutt Academy. Shri Krishna Dutt Academy has added another wing to its organization by establishing SKD Academy inter-college in 1997. It now has its five branches that are UP board, ISC board, junior high school branch, CBSE board. The college or the academy makes sure that its students study well and perform well so that they can have a bright and shining future.

What is B.Ed?

A B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is an undergraduate professional degree that prepares pupils who wish to work as teachers in primary or secondary schools and other related disciplines. It is a two-year program with four semesters in total. The B.Ed degree is necessary if one wants to teach in schools. The syllabus of B.Ed is designed in such a way that it meets the psychological treatment of the students and also focuses on various educational methods of teaching. The specialization stream or course one wants to take in B.Ed depends on what he or she wants to teach in a school in the future. Four students who pursue humanities as a stream then they will have to study subjects like history, political science, geography, languages et cetera. The students who decide to choose science as their stream then they will have to study mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and biology. B.Ed. is basically the entrance to the teaching profession.

Various objects in the curriculum are:

  • Education, culture and human values
  • Educational evaluation and assessment
  • Educational psychology
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Holistic education
  • Philosophy of education

Why Choose B.Ed. Course?

B.Ed develops once communication skills and widens mental state so that they can impart quality education to the students. Also, those who want to apply for government jobs must have completed their degree in B.Ed.

Advantages of pursuing B.Ed as a career are: 

  • Job satisfaction
  • Job security
  • Respect
  • Good earnings

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy believes in providing quality education to its students and inculcating in there are students a positive approach towards life with all the honesty and hard work.

Opportunities After B.Ed

Job opportunities after B.Ed are:

  • Teacher: One who wants to teach in schools according to their interest in particular subjects.
  • Content writer: You can also work as content writer in many companies after completing this course.
  • Educational Counselor: After pursuing B.Ed. one can even assist students or advise them when they face difficulties.
  • Researcher: After pursuing B.Ed a person can even research on various fields and write thesis on it.

The B.Ed fee structure provided by Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is:

1st year- Rs. 51250

2nd year- Rs. 30000

Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow for anyone who wants to pursue B.Ed. It provides a really nice infrastructure, quality education, and professional teachers.

The library has a total of 8236 books in total.

A total number of books for B.Ed. and BTC is 4798.

The Shri Krishna Dutt Academy which is the Best B.Ed College in Lucknow is directly affiliated with Lucknow University (LU). The course is designed in such a manner that it opens and widens the mind of the student and helps them do good in the future.

B.Ed. Course Eligibility

For anyone to pursue in B.Ed. curriculum, he/she should have a minimum of 50% in graduation from any stream. Some universities or colleges conduct their own internal examination for admissions in B.Ed.

B.Ed. entrance exam mainly focuses on the following things:

  • English
  • General knowledge
  • Aptitude
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Teaching potential
  • Local language

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teaching Practice mandatory for B.Ed.?

Yes, Teaching Practice is mandatory for B.Ed.

What is the duration of the above practice?

The duration for the above practice is 4 months respectively for B.Ed.

Can a B.Tech degree holder pursue B.Ed.?

Yes, a B.Tech degree holder can pursue B.Ed.

Can a final year student apply for the entrance exam of B.Ed.?

Yes, a final year student of any stream can appear or give B.Ed. entrance exam if he/she wishes to choose teaching as their career option.

If you want to reach Shri Krishna Dutt Academy for any query or problem you can simply contact them by emailing them at [email protected] or call them on +917754805222 or 7080111596.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Degree College in Lucknow

What Are the Career Options After B.COM?

If you want to study B.Com at the Best B.Com Degree College in Lucknow, Shri Krishna Dutt Academy is the place to be. Some of the professions that can be pursued after completing B.Com are – Company Secretary (CS), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Work Accountancy (CWA), Insurance & Banking.

What is B.Com?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce is an undergraduate degree during which aspirants will learn about broad business principles while also studying fundamental commerce courses such as finance, economics, accounting, actuarial studies, business management, and so on.

Career Options After B.Com

If you get a B.Com degree from the Best B.Com Degree College in Lucknow, you will have a wide range of career options. Some of the career options available after completing B.Com are listed below:

Chartered Accountancy (CA): The first subject that comes to mind as a career option for a commerce student is CA. After B.Com, CA is one of the greatest professional possibilities. Unlike an MBA, students can begin CA immediately after graduating from high school. 

Company Secretary (CS): If you’re unsure what to do after your, Company Secretary (CS) is one of the many important job roles in any firm. A CS is in charge of monitoring all legal elements of a company or organisation. They are responsible for a company’s tax returns, tax records, giving actionable advice to the board of directors, and ensuring that all legal and statutory laws are followed.

Master of Commerce (M.Com): The Master’s Degree in Commerce is a postgraduate degree that takes two years to complete. It can be obtained through any government-approved institution or college in India.

Apart from commerce, this speciality includes accounting, business management, economics, banking and finance, finance and control, and taxation, to name a few.
This course is ideal for anyone interested in working in BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) or taxation and accounting.

Marketing Manager: A B.Com degree opens up the possibility of becoming a manager. It prepares you for positions such as Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Media Planner, Product Manager, Event Organizer, and Public Relations Officer.

Cost and Work Accountancy (CWA): The function of a cost and work accountant is to collect, examine, and analyse all financial data from all perspectives before interpreting the results for management. These days, the CWA is seen as a significant component of business strategy and planning.

Insurance and Banking services: The banking industry is one of the most powerful industries in the country’s economy. This job profile requires a B.Com.


Advantages of B.Com Degree

There are numerous benefits of obtaining a B.Com Degree from the Best B.Com College in Lucknow. Some of the benefits of a B.Com Degree are mentioned below:

A Wide Range of Career Options

For B.Com students, there are numerous courses offered, including M.Com, MBA, CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), MCA, and a variety of certificate programmes.

Following completion of a bachelor’s degree in commerce, students can pursue postgraduate studies in M.Com (Masters of Commerce) or MBA (Masters of Business Administration), both of which are postgraduate programmes that focus on courses relating to commerce, accounting, economics, and management.

Vast Job Profile

After completing the course, B.Com graduates can choose from a variety of job profiles based on their qualifications and areas of interest, including Accountant, Sales Analyst, Auditor, Stock Broker, Business Analyst, Consultant, Tax Accountant, Company Secretary, Finance Officer, Economist, and so on.

Vast Job Areas

Students with a B.Com degree have a variety of options for developing their hidden talents. Educational Institutes, Public Accounting Firms, Foreign Trade, Business Consultancies, Industrial Houses, Policy Planning, Banks, Working Capital Management, Budget Planning, Merchant Banking, Investment Banking, Inventory Control, Marketing, Treasury and Forex Department, and many other fields are available for commerce graduates to explore.