Rules & Regulations

Admission Prohibited Clauses

  • Candidates having failed in a class cannot seek admission in the same class.
  • Candidates found guilty under IPC or their involvement in any kind of dispute, quarrel or anti-social activity anywhere, or misbehavior with the college staff or teacher shall not be considered for admission.
  • Candidates found guilty of using unfair means in the examination are also not eligible for admission in the college.

Grave Offence

Following shall be considered grave offences and students found indulging in any of them would be severely punished:

  • Smoking & Chewing pan masala or betel leaf in the campus.
  • Inviting any outsiders in the College campus.
  • Misbehaving with teachers, college staff or fellow students.
  • Ragging: Ragging has been declared a Criminal Offence by the Government.
  • Encouraging students for violence or demonstrations.
  • Carrying mobile phones anywhere on the Campus.

Attendance and Examination

All the courses offered by the College run under Year / Semester system. The progress of the students is monitored and evaluated by a continual assessment process including home assignments and unit tests. 5% marks are assigned for attendance in each paper. Regular attendance in the classes has its own significance. No student will be allowed to appear in the Semester/Final Examination without:

  • Completing 75% attendance in each subject during the semester / year.
  • Clearing all dues.

Special Cells

  • Anti-ragging Cell.
  • Grievance-redressal Cell (Women).
  • Placement Cell.